Narsingh Yadav Dreams Might Come to an End

Narsingh Yadav

Doping issue is the reason why Russia might get ban in the summer Olympics, and this time it is Narsingh Yadav of India who had a positive result for using steroid. The wrestler was supposed to compete in the 74kg freestyle category but the National Anti-doping Agency (NADA) has pulled out his qualification to participate in this most awaited event.

NADA gathered the samples that the bronze medalist had and all results were positive. The hearing was made last Saturday and the decision of banning him was at its peak.

The 26-years old made his appeal saying that he won’t have done the drug testing if he knows that he had taken something. Yadav was upset and at the same time surprise with the result as he didn’t expect this to happened.

Meanwhile, NADA’s director Navin Agarwal said it’s too early to make a decision and the trial is still on going.

It will take some time before the final verdict comes out. The disciplinary panels are still working on the case but as of now his participation in the said competition is on hold.

Yadav gets to bag away a bronze medal at the World Championship in Las Vegas, his performance last year can never be set aside. This actually gave him the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics and missing it might be devastating.

The well-known Indian wrestler didn’t give his opinion yet regarding the issue.

Sushil Kumar is the person whom the Indian sees as the great substitute if Yadav won’t be able to play. Kumar gets to won a bronze medal in the 66kg category in Beijing and a silver medal in London.

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Photo Credit: IndiaToday