Persuading Romelu Lukaku to Stay with Everton

Lukaku ft. Koeman

12BET (Football News) Romelu Lukaku is undeniably the game-changer for Ronald Koeman’s side. The Belgian striker is the main goal contributor of the club, giving his opponent a hard time to stop him in finding the net.

With the magnificent performance of the Toffees comes a great probability for the 23-year old forward to stay in his current club, according to Koeman. As optimistic as it may seems, the prominent Dutch coach stated that, “if players see a future in the club and the team is improving and getting stronger every day that is always a plus for them to stay.” Everton is currently undefeated on their past seven matches in Premier League.

The team will try to continue their magnificent run as they try to persuade Lukaku to extend his contract with them. Sitting on the seventh spot with more than three months to go, the club will surely do everything to keep their good form in the competition.

Koeman haven’t talk to the board about the star player’s contract, and will wait for player’s agent to tell them whether he will stay or not. With such an amazing talent comes a lot of offers from different leagues.

Finding a replacement that is as good as him will be a struggle that is why they are planning to keep him and enhance his craft as he continuously make his name in the football industry. Lukaku is not yet giving his opinion on the transfer issue, but it seems like he will stay with Everton considering the fact that he has a good relationship with the club.



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