Playing Condition at Rio 2016 a Great Challenge for Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal

Given the opportunity to play for the 2016 Olympics, Saina Nehwal aims not just to bag away a bronze medal that she got in London four years ago but a better one this season.

A bigger challenge is soon to unfold as the Indian players tries to adapt with playing condition that Rio 2016 will have – from the time differences to the great stunt that her rivals will showcase.

The 26-years old player gets to find her way back to fitness after suffering in an Achilles injury last year. Confidence started to boost-up after she won the Australian Open Super Series last month.

The Indian badminton player will have a lot of time to prepare, yet she was worried with the fact that all her contenders will also have the great amount of time to prepare in the major event. She expects that her rivals will be stronger during the preparation period.

Aggressiveness has led her towards a momentum win in Australia and she will also use the same attitude as she takes on the court of Brazil.

Nehwal was the first Indian shuttler to win an Olympic medal – she was ranked as number one in women singles April last year but due to injury her ranking slides down to fifth. She will undergo training to ensure that she can match the same intensity that world’s number one Carolina Marina, Olympic champion Li Xuerue and London’s silver medalist Wang Yihan of China have.

To continuously improve on her beloved sports is her primary reason. Nehwal also added that she won’t back-out in the competition just because of the Zika virus.


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Photo Credit: IndiaToday

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