Colossus Bets Pick 6 Player pulls a Massive £549542 Jackpot

colossus bet

colossus bet

A venue for outrageous prizes, Colossus continues to grace betting industry through online recreations that grant players significant payouts.

That being said, here’s a recap of how this online betting turned to further heat things up (in case someone missed out on the recent talk of town).

Last weekend, Colossus has announced another addition to its roster of Pick 6 ticket winners during the World Cup Qualifiers of Scotland vs England. In a snap, breath taking rewards have been unveiled with a small stake shelled out.

Just like any pool betting games, a bit of luck really comes in handy for players to nail the 6/6 in this gameplay—well almost, but not quite, because for the most part, a crucial understanding of football and teams’ head-to-head battles are what will lead players to El Dorado.

On the other hand, should anyone be wondering some ways to improve chances of winning, consider having multiple selections in the forthcoming leg/s—pin faith on ticket and be the next big Colossus Bet winner!

New bloods and old timers’ alike, standby coz here’s your chance to get the coolest update on pool betting tips.

Photo Credit: blogcolossusbets