PSG will try to Bounce Back after the Draw Result against Lille

PSG vs. Lille

2015-2016 Ligue 1 Football Match Prediction

Paris Saint Germain vs. Reims

Match Venue: Parc des Princes

Match Date: 20 February 2016

PSG remains to be strong after their momentum win against Chelsea on the Champions League, but their devastation after the draw result against Lille can never be set aside. Same result happens last years when the team faces Reims who are currently endanger to be on the relegation zone. On their upcoming campaign PSG is on their game face on to continue their wonderful stunt on Ligue 1.

Team Analysis

Paris Saint Germain

Fresh from their recent win on the Champions League, PSG is really on the mood to redeem themselves back as the face the struggling team of Reims. The team gets a chance to secure a win over one of the strongest team on EPL, Chelsea, ending the rally with a one point interval. The team remains to be on tough that their competitors find it hard to cut the 24points gap.

The squad has defeated their upcoming rivals right on their home court for three times and they are expecting to continue it on their clash this weekend. PSG remains to be undefeated in their last 35 matches and is on hope on continuing it until the finals this season. There’s no such team in Ligue 1 that can actually perform well like what Paris Saint Germain do.

With that, there might be a chance that the Ligue 1 crown will be granted to the said squad, but of course football match is pretty much unpredictable so the team still needs to continue on making an impressive stunt.


Reims really needs to do well on their upcoming clash against the number one team on Ligue 1. Though the probability of winning is highly on stake, the squad needs to create a goal or else they will be endangered on going down the relegation zone. Their upcoming competitor is 41 points away from them and is performing well not just in Ligue 1, but also in Champions League.

Out of their 26 matches, the team had only converted a total of 29 points, and they must not be so confident about it since they are only 2 points away from the top three least performing team.

Reims needs to avoid individual error, improve on counter attack and defense against the skillful players of the opponents. They also need to ensure their competitor will find it hard to create a lot of goal chance.


This will be a PSG match, the domination of the ball will be in favored of them. Hunger for a safe position in Ligue 1 this season will be the motivation of Reims to create an impressive stunt on this upcoming match, but it will not be enough. Reims needs to step up their game in order to give their opponent an exciting match.


Paris Saint Germain 1.21

Reims 11.00

Score: 3-0


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