Report: Cricket Australia Trying To Fit In Yuvraj Singh Into A BBL Team

Cricket Australia Trying To Fit In Yuvraj Singh Into A BBL Team

One of the most decorated names in Indian Cricket, Yuvraj Singh hung up his boots recently. The attacking batsman was a top player for the Indian team for many years. The top star from Punjab made a name for himself, as he grew amongst the ranks of the Indian team. He helped Team India win a couple of World Cup as well.

Yuvraj valiantly fought cancer and was victorious in his battle, only to make his return to cricket. He played like a lion and earned multiple accolades to his name over the years. He is one of the most respected players in the current Indian circuit, though his career here is all but over.

From a pure batsman to a handy bowler and a prolific fielder, the player has done it all. He can add value to any side in any league and that is why the fans love him.

Now, this Indian tiger is past his prime. He has not had the best of form in recent times. However, he has been working hard to redeem his domestic career. With that being said, he is now looking to find a new cricket team for the Big Bash League. This has been confirmed by the recent reports.

The stories suggest that Yuvraj’s manager Jason Warne of W Sports & Media confirmed that Cricket Australia was trying to help the former Indian cricketer. They were trying hard to find a franchise that would be interested in his services. He is 38 at present and looking to really end his cricket career on a high.

A name like Yuvraj Singh, surely adds a lot of weightage to any tournament. The BBL would surely like to add such a big name to their ranks. There haven’t been too many Indian players in the overseas leagues over the years.

This is mainly due to the BCCI’s policies, which does not allow them to do so. Despite that, the case with Yuvraj is now different. He has shown no interest in returning to the Indian team and is done with domestic cricket in India. Due to this, he can easily play abroad.

Indian players have to produce a No Objection Certificate (NOC) before they can do so. They get one only when they retire from international and domestic cricket.

With that being said, he will be hoping that he can really get into the grove of the BBL and find form. He is still one of the most-talented cricketers in the world and can surely turn heads and sell tickets. Yuvraj will always be remembered for his six-sixers in a single over against England’s Stuart Broad.

He can still strike the ball a long way and will want to play in the shorter format of the game. Keeping that in mind, the BBL will be a good challenge for him. Due to this, the player is trying to push through a move and extend his career.

The BBL is yet to see an Indian male cricketer’s participation since the inception of the tournament. Yuvraj Singh could become the first Indian to do so. He has always been known to breaking records and creating history. This could be another feat to his name now.

He has also received the NOC from the BCCI to do so. All that needs to be done now is that the player should be able to find a franchise that is able to afford him and pay his wage-demands.

If that does indeed happen, things could really get interesting. Yuvraj Singh will be able to pull a lot of crowds along with him. He has a lot of fans in India and abroad and this could be massive for the BBL too.

After the CPL and the IPL coming up now, the BBL will want to compete with other leagues in terms of ratings. Due to this, they will want to get players like Yuvraj in and will hope that it has a positive impact on their brand value. Let’s wait and watch whether things work out for the player or not. If they do, it will be a huge boost for all the cricket fans, who will get to see a really talented player play once again.

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