Ronaldo’s Awaited Comeback on the 2nd Leg of Champions League

Real Madrid vs. ManCty

UEFA Champions League 2016

Real Madrid vs. Manchester City
Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu
Match Date: 4 May 2016


The Citizen just got a devastating blow over Southampton this weekend, while Real Madrid gets to surpass the heat of Real Sociedad giving them a single score in the competition. Different fate on their corresponding tournaments, and as they go against each other on the second leg of UEFA Champions League a much more intense clash is expected. No more draw result, for this game will determine who will have a chance to snatch the title this year.

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

With the no show appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo in their first clash against the English team, speculation have roam around as to whether he will be present in this important event. The Portuguese star had suffered from hamstring injury, the reason why he failed to join his squad on their visit to Etihad Stadium. Zinedine Zidane ensures that his men will be highly fit on this face-off.

Football enthusiasts should expect that the 31-year old player will be able to play on this awaited campaign, together with Karim Benzema and Alvaro Arbeleo. Ronaldo is expected to make a comeback. A huge responsibility of bringing his team towards a momentum win is highly anticipated.

A lot of fans are expecting a hat trick from Ronaldo, and to end the game in favored of them just like how they sweep Wolfsburg just to be on the semis.

Manchester City

Once again Manuel Pellegrini’s management has been question after their devastating blow over Southampton. This really didn’t help Manchester City to secure the third spot on EPL – the squad is currently sitting on the fourth. The result have shocked a lot of fans after the rally ended with a 4-2 run, and when asked what happened the boss of the Citizen said that they are more focus on the Champions League.

The big boss still expect a comeback after this lost and with a higher confidence of ending the tournament big. This will be the last season for Pellegrini to show that his team is strong and that he will be able to bring home the bacon, as he is about to be replace by Pep Guardiala of Bayern Munich. The Blues expects to have a successful rally over Real Madrid and if possible beat them to secure a slot in the finals.


The upper hand will be within Real Madrid, yet if Ronaldo cannot play well, then there’s a tendency that their visitors will be able to snatch a goal. Watch out for the game rotation that Pellegrini will use to match the same intensity that their giant opponent have.

Real Madrid 1.53
Score: Real Madrid 2-1 Manchester City

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