San Marino Football Nation Demand an Apologize from Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller

12BET (Football Tips) San Marino gets pissed off with the bully behavior of Bayern Munich forward after their clash ended up with 8-0 run. The underdog wants Thomas Muller to apologize for his misconduct saying that “football doesn’t belong to you.” The German’s arrogance was immediately criticized by those from the microstate, saying that he even failed to create a score in this game considering the fact that they are just an amateur team.

Emotions fired-up after the prominent star said that there’s no point of playing against a tiny nation. He even added anger to their rival after saying that the whole game was just an exercise, asking if such team should really participate in this big event.

The rude commentary from the 27-year old was even back-up by for winger Karl-Heinz Rummenigge saying that “San Marino has got nothing to do with professional football.”

But this is not just the issue here, San Marinese director of communication, Alan Gasperoni didn’t just focus on the egotism of the player he also said that the German footballer bully them for wearing socks with sandals.  With that San Marino Secretary of State for Tourism and Sports, Teodoro Lonfernini demanded for a formal apology from Muller.

Below was the letter of hatred from Gasperoni:

“Dearest Thomas Muller,

You’re right. The games like that on a Friday night, they’re nothing. To you. On the other hand, dear Thomas, you do not need to come to San Marino for almost nothing in a weekend in which, without the Bundesliga, you could have spent with your wife on the sofa of you luxury villa or, who knows, you could have taken part in some events organised by your sponsors to bank several thousand euros. I believe you, but allow me to give 10 good reasons for which I think the San Marino-Germany match was very useful and if only you could could think about it and let me know what you think:

  1. It served to show you that not even against the teams as poor as ours you can’t score a goal – and don’t say you weren’t pissed when Simoncini stopped you scoring…
  2. It served to make it clear to your managers (and even at Beckenbauer and Rummenigge) that football is not owned by them but by of all those who love it, among which, like it or not, WE are included.
  3. It served to remind hundreds of journalists from all over Europe that there are still guys who follow their dreams and not your rules.
  4. It served to confirm that you Germans you will never change and that history has taught you that “bullying” is not always guarantee of victory.
  5. It served to show the 200 guys in San Marino who play the game for whatever reason why their coaches ask them to always work their hardest. Who knows – maybe one day all their sacrifice will not be repaid with a game against the champions of the world.
  6. It served to your Federation (and also to ours) to collect the money of image rights with which, in addition to paying you for your trouble, they can build pitches for the kids of your own country, schools, and make football stadiums safer… Our Federation, I’ll let you in on a secret, is building a new football pitch in a remote village called Acquaviva. You could build it with six months of your salary, we’ll do it with the rights of 90 minutes of game. Not bad right?
  7. It served to a country as big as your pitch in Munich to go in the paper for a good reason, because a football match is always a good reason.
  8. It served to your friend Gnabry to begin with, in the national team and scoring three goals.
  9. It made some Sanmarinese people a little happy to remember that we have a real national team.
  10. It’s served to make me realise that even if you wear the most beautiful adidas kits, underneath you’re always the ones that put white socks under their sandals.

With Love, your Alan.”


Photo Credit: Bleacher Report


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