Schalke 04 Gets to Climb the 5th Spot on Bundesliga League Table

Schalke 04 vs. Wolfsburg

2015-2016 Bundesliga Football Match Prediction

Schalke 04 vs. Wolfsburg
Match Venue: Veltins Arena
Match Date: 6 February 2016

Schalke’s victorious win against Darmstadt give them the privilege to secure a spot on the league table, but this weekend they are about to be challenge by Wolfsburg. The biggest question now is will they be able to keep their momentum on being on top of the Bundesliga ranking table.

Team Analysis

Schalke 04

Schalke’s performance on their five matches is like a roller coaster ride – they win then afterwards they lose. Their momentum with their recent match gave them the chance to steal the fifth slot on the league table. Now that Schalke perform a wonderful stunt the biggest challenge is whether they can sustain it on their upcoming matches.

Meanwhile rumors run on whether Leroy Sane will stay on the said squad after being linked to big teams like Manchester City and Barcelona. Sane is one of the star players that contribute a lot of field goal to the team, without him Schalke won’t be able to go that far on the competition.


The wolves are test on how patience they are their recent matches gave them a lose or draw result which is not good – if the team wants to stay on the competition then they must work hard for it.

On their encounter with Schalke last year the squad gets to secure a triumphant win, but on their upcoming match this year it can be the other way around. The team is currently on the seventh spot of the league table and is now hungry to conceal a win against their upcoming rival.


The upcoming match will be unpredictable but if based on their performance on their recent matches, the great advantage of winning is in favored of Schalke. There way of protecting the lead has always been their advantage. If Wolfsburg wants to win then they must work on their defense well enough, and ensure that their competitor won’t be able to convert a goal.

Schalke 04 1-0 Wolfsburg


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