Sourav Ganguly Makes Mega Claim About IPL 2020

Sourav Ganguly Makes Mega Claim About IPL 2020

It is no secret that there have been a lot of problems due to the current pandemic. Major sports activities across the globe were initially postponed or cancelled. These are now being held without spectators. Many sports like Cricket, football, etc. have suffered a huge loss in revenue as well. The situation is very dynamic and things are improving for the better. However, there is no solid confirmation as to when things will be back to normal. With that being said, the IPL 2020 was shifted from India to the UAE.

The BCCI was trying their best to host a successful tournament, despite the impact of the pandemic. However, things did not seem to be going easy for them. Amid the training camps, there were quite a lot of players and staff members testing positive. Many stars had already shown their doubts in playing and had backed out too.

A lot of Indian and foreign players were still deciding their fate in the tournament. Some left due to personal reasons, while others had unsaid problems too. They have not always been straight upfront but for some the reason has simply been the disease.

The fans are talking about it on social media platforms like Twitter all the time and there have been some recent controversies too. Though, the officials and fans may say that the numbers are on the decline, at the end of the day it is the call of the players. However, the main focus as always has been is to have good cricket.

The CSK camp is the one that has been hurt the most. This is both with regards to players leaving and testing positive too. Not just the stars but the staff members were part of this list too. Squads with less depth were trying to add more players and get in replacements.

Despite that, Sourav Ganguly made a huge recent claim about this year’s edition. He was confident that the IPL 2020 tournament would be a sure-shot success.

The former Indian skipper went on to add, “Crowds will watch it on television. The broadcasters are actually expecting the highest rating of IPL this season because if people don’t turn up in the grounds, they will be watching it at home on their television sets. There is a positive in everything.”

This was Ganguly’s comment at the Symbiosis Golden Jubilee Lecture Series, when asked about the upcoming edition of the tournament. He further talked about the cricketers’ feelings about playing in empty stadiums, the social distancing norms and more.

The best thing about Sourav Ganguly is that he is quite clear about what he feels and says the same. He is one of India’s most-successful reason and a respected man. The Bengal Tiger still has his huge following and some of those fans even want him to contest for the ICC Presidential elections next.

To add to that, the BCCI President also had said recently that the IPL schedule for the 2020 event would be released on Friday (today). Though there has been no update so far, the fans will be hoping that something turns up sooner than later.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting an update on their beloved tournament. It has already been delayed a lot and things are looking shaky at present. Due to the update in the CSK camp, the first fixture will be changed for sure. Mumbai Indians will not be playing the Chennai Super Kings as planned initially. There will be a lot of changes and updates depending on the current situation.

With regards to the schedule being released on the 4th of September, Ganguly had said, “We understand schedules are delayed. It is almost on the verge of getting final and should be released by Friday.”

The level of positivity from the BCCI, in this case, has been really high. Despite a lot of cricketers backing out, they have been focused on getting the tournament done. The situation in the UAE looks better than what it is in India at present.

If the norms of social distancing and overall regulations are followed, things can improve. Let’s wait and watch how things plan out. For now, the fans are eagerly awaiting the schedule of the IPL 2020 tournament.

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