Spurs Good Performance Comes To an End?

Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace

2015-2016 English Premier League Match Prediction

Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace

Match Venue: Selhurst Park

Match Date: 23 January 2016

An exciting match between Spurs and Palace will be witness by the football enthusiasts this weekend.

Team Analysis


The Spurs are surely motivated to have a momentum win over Crystal Palace, as they redeem themselves back after beating Sunderland on their recent match. Before their said match against Sunderland, Tottenham had a devastating lost to Leicester City. Rumors have run that the team triumphant wins had come to an end, that beating one of the team on relegation zone won’t be enough.

Pochettino squad is about to face a much stronger team the Palace, who is also ready to stop their three losing streak. Compared to their upcoming competitor the team only needs to improve on their aerial duels nevertheless they are good on finishing a goal, and attacking defense. They are aggressive and they always ensure to keep the possession on the ball throughout their match.

The chance of having a back-to-back win is not so sure, but if they really want to snatch it to their opponent then they must work hard on creating a lot of goals.

Crystal Palace

The eagles have failed to score on their last five matches on EPL, which makes them remain on the 8th spot in the league table. They have already experience a three times heartbreaking lost – the recent one is from Manchester City who didn’t give them the opportunity to score at all.

Now that they are about to face one of the top team on the league table the danger of having their fourth losing streak is on. The question exist on whether the Palace will be able to redeem themselves back, or even scored ones on this upcoming match.

There are a lot of areas that is needed to be improve before the said match, this include their line of defense against skillful players that Spurs have, and keeping the possession on the ball. If Palace won’t be able to improve on those said areas then there might be a chance for them to have another predictable lost.


Both Spurs and Eagles are hungry to secure a good spot on EPL, but the question is who will step up their game in order to be the victors in the end?

Tottenham wants to prove that their performance is still the same, while Crystal Palace wants to finish a game with a goal this time. The chance of winning is in favored of Spurs, they are expected to score a long shot and a direct free kick, and they will also have the domination on the ball.

Tottenham 2-1 Crystal Palace

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