To Have a Back to Back Win

Napoli vs. Inter

2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Napoli vs. Inter
Match Venue: San Siro
Match Date: 16 April 2016

Two squads who always manage to keep a good rally whenever they meet up in the competition. Another intense match is soon to be witness as Napoli and Inter claims to have their back to back win on their upcoming clash.

Team Analysis


Napoli is currently sitting on the second spot of the competition and in hope of cutting the deficit of the number one team Juventus. The squad failed to conceal a goal on their first encounter with the group, and they are looking forward for revenge.

The team gets to bounce back after their devastating lost over Udinese, which they didn’t expect. Their campaign against Verona have help the team to redeem themselves back as they own the game with a clean sheet over their opponent. Though the probability of winning is at risk the squad doesn’t wanna receive another humiliation towards their first meet up this year.


Aiming on securing as many goals as possible will help the squad to own another successful campaign over Napoli. Inter should not be relax as they are only two points away from Fiorentina. They only had a single goal over Frosinone yet victory is within their hand.

Inter can perform well and provide the same intensity that Napoli have especially now that the team will play on their home court. If they manage to have a momentum win right on their contender home it will also be easy for them to have right on San Siro.


The match will be in favor of Napoli yet it will never be an easy win for them. Inter needs to tighten their defense as their opponents will try to score as many score chances as possible. Keeping the possession on the ball must be the primary goal of Inter Milan.

Napoli 2.58
Score: Napoli 2-1 Inter


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