Top Team from Two Different Tournament is About to Battle it All Out

Juventus vs. Bayern Munich

Champions League: Juventus vs. Bayern Munich
Match Venue: Juventus Stadium
Match Date: 23 February 2016

The number one team from Bundesliga and Serie A is ready to have the triumphant win, who will be able to reign as winner? Can Juventus be able to bounce back on this upcoming rally after a three times defeat on their previous match-up?

Team Analysis


Fabio Capello told Bayern Munich to be really careful on their upcoming match against Bayern. The four-time defending champion of Serie A is ready to make their revenge as they face the number one team on Bundesliga. Juve started the season in the said tournament weak but has been manage to knockout all of their entire opponents in their seven previous matches which makes them the number one league on the tournament and at the same time enter the qualifying round of ECL.

Capello surely did study their rivals way of playing, he pointed out that Bayern is good on their counter-attack but still needs to improve on their defense. This problem will be the use by the stikers and midfielders of Juve who are well-known for bring up a quick paced on their game.

An exciting clash from former teammates Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal will add some highlights on the game. Pogba stated that Juventus is a great club, they might not be the favorite on the upcoming rally but the team will ensure that they will give their best shot.

Bayern Munich

Bayern is one of the most recognizable team in the football world, with their spectacular performance on the previous season, there definitely no doubt that the chances of winning this match against Juve will be in favored of them. Pep Guardiola squad is the only foreign team to beat their said rivals in the past decades. Though the visitors will surely have a problem in terms of crown support, the confidence of the player and the management to beat their competitor is huge.

The team has managed to win on their 6 last matches in ECL, and they are looking forward to extend it and to show the football fans on why they are considered as one of the best league in the world.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are disappointed with the decision of Pep Guardiola in leaving the squad, but on hope that it will not create an impact on the performance of the squad in upcoming rally. The team was actually surprise with the decision of their coach, even Arturo Vidal gave his opinion regarding this matter he was disappointed with the decision that Guardiola made but still has the determination to beat their rivals on the Champions League.

With the departure of Guardiola, the team will be handled by Carlo Ancelotti this summer, who have managed Real Madrid and Chelsea before.


Both teams really deserves to be on the qualifying round of champions league, the chances of winnings will be in favor of Bayern, but football enthusiasts can never set aside the fact that Juventus really did a job well done in winning the Serie A title from the previous season.

The clash of the two great clubs will surely be enjoyed by a lot of fans out there.


Bayern Munich 2.55

Juventus 2.83

Score: 2-1


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