UEFA Champions League: PSG vs. Manchester City


Match Venue: Parc des Princes

Match Date: 6 April 2016

This will be the first time that PSG go against Manchester City in UEFA Champions Leage in hope of advancing to semi-finals. Who will be able to make it on the final four? Will it be the number one squad from Ligue 1 or will EPL only team representative be able to stop the successful stunt of their opponent?

Team Analysis

Paris Saint Germain

This might not be the most exciting match in the competition, yet considered the successful rally the PSG have over their games in Ligue 1 the probability of winning will be at risk. The team will go against an experience opponent who knows how to play well. The first match against Chelsea was a comfortable one, compared to the challenge that they are about to face against their rival.

The worst is yet to come as Angel di Maria got a serious which will not be good if Laurent Blanc squad is looking forward to advance in the next level. Losing one of the key players will give their competitor to have an easy win over them. Les Parisiens will be challenge as they are not only busy with a single competition. Threat is now on as to whether they will be able to make it on the next stage of the competition.

Manchester City

The Citizens gets a chance to raise the flag of EPL, after making it to the next level of the tournament. Considered as the favorite squad over there rival the probability of winning might not be easy as it is for Manuel Pellegrini’s men. Since they have an unpredictable season on EPL, the performance of Manchester City is still not well-establish.

This must be a make it or break if for the team, since their rival will play without one of their key player in the competition. Securing a goal and protecting the lead at the start of the match can lead them in a victorious win. Before the match start, City will be going against Bournemouth. Winning will help them secure a final four slot and it can also boost up the confidence that the Citizens have lost after a devastating lost over United.


Winning the game might be in favor of the Citizen, but there’s also a chance that a draw result will occur. Both teams are lucky won’t to face the strong team of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. Hunger to secure a final four slot this is what both teams have in common.

PSG will have a hard time playing without di Maria which will be the advantage of Manchester City to create as many goals as possible and win on the said campaign.


Paris Saint Germain 1.70

Score: PSG 1-1 Manchester City


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