Umran Malik Reveals How His Mother Supported Him In His Career

Umran Malik

Sunrisers Hyderabad speedster Umran Malik, who emerged as one of the quickest bowlers in the IPL 2022, shares how his mum encouraged him throughout his cricket career. Malik was one of the fastest bowlers in the tournament. The young man from Jammu, who can clock speeds regularly above 150 kmph, got the attention of the selectors this season at the IPL since he had the most outstanding performance at the tournament.

Malik was recognized as the Emerging Player of the Season (IPL 2022) for his outstanding performances for the squad. This led to his first call-up to the national team for the forthcoming home series against South Africa. As a result of his winning the prize for the “Fastest Delivery” in each of the 14 league games that he participated in throughout the course of the season, he ended up with the trophy a total of 14 times.

During an interview with The Indian Express, Malik recounted the time when he was a child and used to play at his home with a plastic ball. He said that his mother encouraged him to pursue his interests and not worry about causing any harm to the structure of the house.

“When I was a kid, I used to play at home with a plastic ball. My parents would yell at me because I would accidentally smash the glass windows. However, even at that time, my mother would not try to prevent me from playing and would just tell me, “khel, tod!” (Play, break!),” Malik remarked.

It gives me a lot of joy to know that I’ve managed to make my father proud: Umran Malik

Malik’s life has been marked by more than a few challenging circumstances. His father has spent many years working as a fruit seller and now owns and operates a modest company in the city of Jammu. Even if he gets the chance to play for his country regularly, the 22-year-old player has indicated that he would not force his father to abandon his work. He began by describing the manner in which his father taught him the value of being humble. He continued by saying:

“It’s been a collaborative effort between my grandpa, my father, and my uncle. It’s not that my dad would throw up the towel on his career if I got into the team for India. When I ask my father about the future, he constantly assures me that we will end up back where we started. My family is very remarkable. It means a lot to me that I’ve been able to make my father proud.”

Malik will be looking to play for India in the next five-match Twenty20 International series against the Proteas and earn his first cap in the process. The opening match of the series will be played on Thursday, June 9, at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi.

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