Virender Sehwag Praises Neeraj Chopra For His ‘Perfect Throw’ On Twitter

Virender Sehwag Praises Neeraj Chopra For His ‘Perfect Throw’ On Twitter

India are on the brink of winning the maiden track and field medal at the Olympic games for the very first time in the history. On Wednesday, the 23 years old Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian to make it to the finals of the Olympics as a Javelin thrower. A farmer’s son from Khandra village near Panipat in Haryana, Neeraj put up an excellent show on debut in the Olympic games with a big throw of 86.65m which helped him to top the Group A and he made it into the finals. Former Indian cricket Virender Sehwag has brought it even more to the limelight with his non cricket news posts on Twitter.

The qualification mark for playing the finals was 83.50m, Neeraj passed it with the first attempt he took. He says that he was not at his best in the warm ups but it was a perfect throw when it finally mattered. He will need to produce the same performance with a higher score in the finals to have a chance to win a medal for India. Virender Sehwag who generally covers every IPL match is keenly focused on the Olympic Games as well.

What Did Neeraj Chopra Say About The Tokyo Olympics?

“I am at my first Olympic Games. I feel very good. In the warm-up, my performance wasn’t so good, but then (in the qualifying round) my first throw had a good angle and was a perfect throw,” Chopra said after his event.

Things will certainly be difficult in the finals when he will need to beat some of the world’s best to go for a podium finish. It is not only to be prepared physically but need to be ready mentally at that stage of the competition, where he need to score more.

“It will be a different feeling (in the finals) since it is my first time in the Olympics. Physically we (all) train hard and are ready, but I also need to prepare mentally.

“I will need to focus on the throw, and try to repeat this (performance) with a higher score.”

In the finals, Chopra will be facing the gold medal favourite and 2017 world champion Vetter. The 28 years old towering German already claimed that debutant Neeraj Chopra will find it hard to beat him in the Olympics. Neeraj finished ahead of Vetter already and most likely to give a tough challange to the German. Vetter, who struggled with his first two throws and was also lying at a dangerous seventh position after that, finally made it to the final at second position.

This was Chopra’s seventh-best throw and third-best of the season 2021.

What Did Cricketer Virender Sehwag Have To Say About His Performance On Twitter?

His earlier six best throws are 88.07m (March 2021; Indian GP-3), 88.06m (2018, Asian Games), 87.87m (January 2020; ACNW Meeting in South Africa), 87.80m (March 2021; Federation Cup), 87.43m (May 2018, Doha Diamond League) and 86.79 (June 2021; Kuortane Games).

Alongside Vetter, there will be Lassi Etelatalo of Finland who also advanced to the final with a first round throw of 84.50m. Throwers who touch 83.50m mark or the 12 best performers qualify for the final which will be happening this Saturday.

Neeraj’s performance was so impressive that some cricketing legends of India including Virender Sehwag did not make it late to show some praise for the youngster. Two times ICC World champion with India, Sehwag tweeted after Neeraj made it to the finals at the Tokyo Olympics.

“What a brilliant start from Neeraj Chopra in #JavelinThrow . Announces his arrival in grand style. Qualifies for the final in his first throw finishing top in his group. Absolutely brilliant.”

Sehwag Has Been Following The Indian Contingent In Tokyo; He Seems To Be A True Fan

If there is one cricketer who is following the Indian athletes religiously, it is Virender Sehwag. The former cricketer turned commentator and Pundit is busy these days on Social Media. He has been closely watching the performances of the Indian Olympians.

Keeping that in mind, the fearsome opening batsman keeps updating the details on his Twitter and other platforms. He is quite active on Social Media and his fans love it. They keep interacting as much as possible when he keeps posting regular updates on his feed.

It will be interesting to see how Neeraj Chopra performs in his final match. For now, the fans will be backing him till the very end, just like Virender Sehwag is doing as well. Kudos to Viru!!