When Pat Cummins took over as captain, he shared some of his secrets with CA before assuming the reins

Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins has been elected Australia’s 47th Test captain ahead of the high-profile Ashes series, which begins in November. Tim Paine stood down from the leadership just before the series. Paine was embroiled in a sexting issue with a female co-worker back in 2007, the details of which were revealed just recently when the discussions were made public. Cricket betting will be in full flow for this competition.

Cummins, on the other hand, recently revealed out about the questions he was asked before the CA panel decided to dismiss the complaint against him. Further, the focus will be dominate with the ball and cricket bat and get the right results.

In an interview, Cummins was asked whether the CA panel had asked him if he had any confessions that he would want to make before taking on the massive responsibility. The pacer went on to say that he had been asked a handful of questions, but that he would like not to get into specifics at this time. In his own words, he described his conversation with the CA panel as “extremely open and comfortable.”

As a result, we both felt really comfortable when we left: Pat Cummins 

“Ah, there were a handful of queries,” said Pat Cummins. “I’m not going to go into depth. It was a pretty excellent open conversation, which I appreciated. We chatted about a wide range of topics with each other. As a result, we both felt pretty comfortable when we left,” Cummins remarked in an interview with ABC Sport.

While Cummins has been elevated to the position of captain of Australia’s Test team, Steve Smith has been elevated to the position of vice captain. Smith previously served as captain of the team prior to the ball-tampering scandal in 2018. Given that Australia will play their first Ashes match on December 8, their pace unit had a bit less time to prepare than they would have liked given their involvement in the T20 World Cup. Their bowling coach, on the other hand, said that there would be no excuses from their side, and that the same would be true for England.

“It was always going to be a rushed preparation, as well as less than ideal switching formats and quarantine and all that other things. However, I believe that it is the skill of the modern-day cricketer to be able to adapt to such situations.” The Australian bowling coach Andrew McDonald said that “there will be no excuses from our end, and I’m certain that there will be no excuses at England’s end as well.”

The further comments made by Pat Cummins with regards to the team

“Smith and I have had some chats over the past few days,” Cummins said, adding that the top batter “is excited about the opportunity to take on more responsibilities as vice-captain of the Test squad.”

In an interview with cricket.com.au, Cummins explained why he wanted Steve to be his vice-captain: “There will be times when I’m out in the middle, it’s a hot day and I’m in the middle of a (bowling) spell and I’ll need people to turn to for advice on tactics or for experience, and that’s one of the big reasons why I wanted Steve to be my vice-captain.”

It will happen on the field when I toss to Steve, and you’ll see Steve moving fielders about, perhaps making bowling changes, and generally taking on a more elevated vice-captaincy role, which is exactly what I want.

That is exactly what I asked for, and am thrilled that Steve is pleased with the outcome as well,” he said.

The idea is right with regards to the upcoming Ashes series against England

Ex-skipper Tim Paine stepped down as the skipper of the Australian side ahead of the Ashes. He was just not ready to lead them going into this series and passed on the torch to Cummins. The Ashes is always a serious series played between the two sides.

Both teams will want to win it and take home the title. However, things could get quite heated on the field at times, with a lot at stake in this upcoming bi-lateral series that is one of cricket’s oldest rivalries. Let’s wait and watch what Pat Cummins can do in his debut as the Test skipper and whether the T20 World Cup holders can win another competition or not!!


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