Winning will Remain to be Hindrance for Darmstadt

Darmstadt vs. Wolfsburg

2015-2016 Bundesliga Mach Prediction

Wolfsburg vs. Darmstadt
Match Venue: Volkswagen Arena
Match Date: 19 March 2016

Darmstadt can surely feel the pressure as they go against Wolfsburg who gets a chance to advance on the next level of UEFA Champions League. Winning this campaign will indeed be a challenge as Darmstadt visits the wolves right on their home court where they have won 33 out of their 35 matches.

Team Analysis


Devastation might have covered the wolves on Bundesliga, but their fate in the competition is highly different on the achievement that have on Champions League as they get to beat Gent on both leg of the competition. These have entitled the squad to advance on the next round of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Bas Dost is about to make a comeback in hope of helping his team to win on their upcoming clash against Darmstadt. He failed to participate on their previous matches after suffering from a serious fractured foot injury in January. An expected return this weekend will surely help the team to conquer the rally over their rival.

The domination on the possession of the game is expected to be in favored of the wolves.


Brick by brick the good foundation that Darmstadt had on the start of the competition have started to collapse. The squad have failed to win on their last six matches on Bundesliga which contribute puts them on the 14th spot with only three points interval from the relegation zone.

The team is considered as the underdog on the competition, winning this match will actually help them to redeem themselves back on the track. Darmstadt failure on concealing a goal becomes the problem, and if they want to beat their opponent then they will need to make sure that they will be able to score. Other factor includes keeping the possession on the ball and tightening their defense against the strong players of their competitors.


The wolves will have the control on the game, struggle will continue for Darmstadt if they will keep on committing the same errors on their previous matches. But if the match will be based on their previous clash then this game will be considered as intense. Both teams wanted to make a comeback on the competition and snatch a triumphant win.

Wolfsburg 1.42
Score: 2-0

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