World Cup Qualifiers: Online Betting Preview

World Cup Qualifiers

World cup qualifiers kick start across the globe today. Over the next four days nations of this world are vying with others in their continent for a seat in Russia in 2018. Most of the matches will go unnoticed outside of the respective countries, in fact. After all, who will be interested in seeing two far-off countries facing of each other. Or, who will be interested in Germany thrashing San Marino 10-0. But hang on. Have you tried betting on these games yet? It will make these matches more interesting and if shrewd and knowledgeable enough, you can make some money out of these matches as well.


China vs South Korea
Iraq vs Australia
Syria vs Uzbekistan
Thailand vs Saudi Arabia
UAE vs Japan
Qatar vs Iran

South America
Colombia vs Bolivia
Paraguay vs Ecuador
Uruguay vs Brazil

Georgia vs Serbia
Austria vs Moldova
Republic of Ireland vs Wales
Italy vs Albania
Liechtenstein vs Macedonia
Spain vs Israel
Turkey vs Finland
Croatia vs Ukraine
Kosovo vs Iceland

Marquee Match
Brazil travels to Uruguay for a battle of the top two teams in South America’s qualification round. Brazil lead the group with 27 points from 12 matches. Uruguay are four points adrift at the second position. The next two teams, Ecuador and Chile, have 20 points each, while Argentina, at fifth, have 19 points.

The match will also see Neymar against Luis Suarez. The earlier match between these two teams in Brazil ended in a 2-2 draw.  Uruguay came back from two goals down to obtain a draw, with Suarez scoring the equalizer. Brazil will be without the injured Gabriel Jesus for this fixture. It will make Brazil’s attack weaker and could make another draw an attractive option to place those bets.

Other Interesting Matches
From the Asian qualifying round, the most interesting one is UAE vs Japan. Japan are the better team. But UAE have the home advantage. Japan are second in the group, behind Saudi Arabia. UAE are just one point behind, but are fourth in the league. A win will make UAE’s position much more comfortable. The good thing about this fixture is that all three results offer attractive odds for placing online bets.

In Europe, the British battle between Republic of Ireland and Wales must be the best bet. Both teams possess some talented players who are also well-experienced in the English players. Man for man, Wales have a slight edge. However, Ireland enjoy vocal home support. This could be anybody’s game. Make your moves right and make money with online odds for this game offered at

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