Yuvraj Singh Makes Heart-Warming Comments About Virat Kohli

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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world at present. He has been really consistent for many years now. The fans know that he is right there at the top with the best in the world. Though, King Kohli (as he is called) may not have won any major international trophies yet, there can be no cricket betting against Kohli being one of the best in the world.

The Indian skipper has seen his ups and downs over the years. However, he has been right there at the top and has dominated the rankings for quite some time. He did eventually lose out on the top spot. However, the overall dominance still makes him one of the best in the world if the fans google cricket.

What Did Yuvraj Singh Say About Virat Kohli And His Legacy?

Himself a legend, Yuvraj Singh spoke about the legacy of Virat Kohli and why he is a legend. Back in the day, Virat Kohli had one ICC trophy. He had won the under-19 World Cup title with the team in 2008, before making it into the first team for India. He was impressive and aggressive and was part of the Indian squad that won the 50-over World Cup in 2011.

That cemented him even further within the Indian team. To add to that, the level of performances went up from there. He was scoring runs consistently and there was no dropping him. Further, he was made the skipper post the MS Dhoni-era. That too, as he had captained the U-19 side before and that added to his legacy as well.

He was sharing the dressing room with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan and Dhoni himself. With that being said, this got him going in the team and the rest is history.

Keeping that in mind, Yuvraj Singh recently spoke with TimesofIndia.com about Kohli and his legacy. When asked about the transformation of the current Indian skipper, he said, “Huge difference since then. Virat showed some great promise when he came on board. The moment he got the opportunities, he grabbed them. That is how he took a spot in the World Cup (squad), because he was very young at that time. And it was between him and Rohit. At that time, Virat was scoring runs. That is the reason, Virat got the spot. And compared to now, there is a complete change in him.”

What Next For Team India As They Look Forward To Some Crucial Tournaments?

Team India is already playing a series in Sri Lanka. However, it is a different team than the one that played the World Test Championship Final. Though the Indian side lost that game, things are looking good for them overall. They have a junior team that is doing well against the Asian giants as well.

On the other hand, their senior side is waiting for the upcoming series against England. Once that is done, the Indian Premier League 2021 (second-phase) and the T20 World Cup will follow. There are some major tournaments still left to play for Virat Kohli and co. The focus will be on winning these and making a major impact.

Virat Kohli needs to prove his worth as a captain, more than anything else right now. An international trophy is a must for him to add to his tally. He will further want to silence his critics as well.

What Yuvraj Singh Further Went On To Add About The Indian Skipper?

The double World Cup winning star-batsman added, “I have seen him grow a lot and train in front of me. He was probably the hardest worker in the team. Very disciplined with his diet, very disciplined with his training. When he was scoring runs, you could always see that he is somebody who wants to be the best player in the world. He had that kind of an attitude. He has that swag in him.”

Well, these are some great comments by Yuvraj Singh and it is good to see Virat Kohli live up to the hype. He has done great things for the Indian team and the fans love him as a batsman. Though the captaincy debate will continue forever, the focus will be on the upcoming tournaments for Team India. Let’s wait and watch what happens next!!

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